Gazprom Neft's new technology boosts aviation refuelling process

Gazpromneft-Aero, the aviation fuel operator of Gazprom Neft, is boosting the efficiency of aircraft refuelling following successful tests of the first modular fuel truck in Eastern Europe.

Its prototype, which has been tested at Omsk International Airport, cuts the maintenance time for automobile equipment by 50% and improves fuel delivery to the aircraft wing. New equipment makes it possible to modify the truck using four basic elements - a hauler, a lifting platform, a refuelling module, and a semitrailer-tank.

The pilot model, which was developed by the Russian company Ruscomtrans, allows for ‘into the wing’ refuelling of wide-body airliners, as well as regional and small aircraft. Tests were conducted at the Omsk-Tsentralny airport, which hosts Gazprom Nefts modern refueling farms. Testing included checking the operability of truck in various modifications under real conditions. More than 50 scheduled flights have already been refuelled with the modular refuelling truck.

Vladimir Yegorov, Gazpromneft-Aeros CEO, says: "Integrating new solutions is key to the technological development of Gazprom Neft's aviation fuel business. With our partners, we have become the first company in Russia to develop and test a modular truck, unique for the domestic aviation industry, which works efficiently on the airport apron.

"This truck will continue its operation in Omsk, where we are developing a state-of-the-art infrastructure for into the wing refuelling. The next stage of the project will be the production of similar vehicles for other Russian airports."