Global Campaign on NOTAM Improvement

March 31,2021

The Global Campaign on NOTAM Improvement (NOTAM2021) will be launched on 8 April 2021 from 1200 to 1330 UTC (0800 Montreal) with Phase 1 on old NOTAM. The virtual launch is in English only. The objective is to eliminate the number of old NOTAM still in circulation. 

The kick-off webinar will also be streamed live on ICAO TV and can be accessed here.  

Additional webinars will be conducted on a bi-monthly basis to monitor progress and share experiences and lessons learned. The overall schedule for these webinars is below.  To register for an event, please click on any of the dates below: 

16 June 2021

31 Aug 2021

28 Oct 2021

15 Dec 2021

All webinars will be conducted at 12:00 UTC to optimize global participation options. 

On any given day, there are some 35,000 active NOTAM in the global air transport system. In 2020, the total number of NOTAM issued exceeded 1.7 million. Findings have shown that twenty percent of these are old NOTAM, exceeding their three-months applicability period as per Annex 15 - Aeronautical Information Services. 

The NOTAMeter, a web-based software tool developed by ICAO, will be introduced during these webinars. The NOTAMeter distinguishes between current NOTAM, i.e. less than three months duration, old NOTAM, i.e. those exceeding three months but less than one year, and very old NOTAM, i.e. those NOTAM exceeding one year duration. The NOTAMeter will be used throughout the campaign to monitor progress. 

For more information about the NOTAM2021 campaign, please visit:

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