Avinode: Creating greater trust and transparency between operators and brokers our vision for 2022

Were about to close the book on 2021, but far from winding down, we know that for many of our members the peak season is just beginning. And for us, the work to provide an even better product and service never stops. As we look forward to 2022, we caught up with Per Marthinsson, our Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder. Per shared with us his hopes and plans for the year ahead and hinted at some of the exciting product changes coming from Avinode.

Hi, Per. Tell us about your vision for Avinode in 2022

Quite simply, our vision is to offer greater transparency and increased trust between operators and brokers in the marketplace.

Key to achieving this is setting the right expectations in terms of the price for a trip. By doing this, a buyer can feel confident they’re seeing a reliable price estimate when searching for an aircraft and the seller can reply with a quote at the click of a button.

In our experience, this transparency is what builds strong and long-lasting relationships between our members. In 2022, I look forward to us making a step change and getting even closer to realising our vision. Im really excited about the future.

And what, in your opinion, is the biggest challenge in the business aviation sector right now?

In the wake of the global pandemic, weve seen a 125% surge in charter trips requested in Avinode. With that comes increased charter prices, ranging from a 2% increase in Europe to a 12% increase in the Americas.

This makes it an incredibly challenging market situation for operators and brokers.

High demand and low supply – just like in many other industries worldwide puts extra strain on relationships between buyers and sellers. Thats why setting the right expectations from the outset is more important than ever.

How is Avinode working to make a positive change for the sector?

One of Avinodes real strengths and a reason the platform was ground-breaking from the beginning is its pricing engine. By using an advanced set of calculations and data models, operators can build up their pricing using a multitude of pricing parameters.

In terms of change, weve focused on how to improve the price estimate of the listed aircraft in Avinode. The estimated price gives buyers a better idea of the final price. Were shortly making the transition to present the estimate as the only price shown when searching for an aircraft. We believe this will impact the relationships in the marketplace in a really positive way

Given that pricing is such a core feature of Avinode, what has the process been to making these changes?

Weve been working in close collaboration with our members for the past 18 months to understand how we can create better transparency. This has made it possible to present much more reliable price estimates in our search results.

Our operator members have all the tools needed to build a very reliable price, and many of them have already embraced this change as an opportunity.

And finally, what are you hoping to see as a result of these improvements?

Im very confident that well see operators save time in the quoting process, and brokers will be able to search and find a reliable price for a trip faster. The process to source an aircraft becomes more efficient, as fewer requests can be sent for each trip.

Ultimately, this is another example of how were constantly evolving Avinode to make life easier for our members and help them to run their businesses more effectively.