Swiss Flight Services introducing P2012 in its fleet

Tecnam announced the delivery at the end of AERO 22 of the first P2012 Special Mission Sentinel to Swiss Flight Services, one of the major aerial survey operators in Europe.

The Sentinel, based on the proven P2012 Traveller aircraft series, provides higher class payload, wide range of sensors, and cabin for one or two crew and up to 5 operators when both hatches are operational. These capabilities, coupled with low operating costs and minimal crew training, result in an unprecedented mission efficiency.

The P2012 Sentinel SMP is the ultimate Tecnam Special Mission Platform aircraft, without compromises on any front. The high cabin volume and payload will allow for excellent mission performance and plenty of space for sensors and operators console installation. A P2012 Sentinel, equipped with full mission equipment and full fuel, at its maximum takeoff weight of 3680 kg, will provide up to 9 hours’ endurance and a 1414Kg allowance for up to six 90kg-crew members, sensor operators, observers with more than 300 Kg of mission equipment allowance. The SentinelТs increased capabilities and superior efficiency in its role, coupled with its competitive entry price and operating costs, will allow the operator to perform the mission with results that were previously relegated only to higher-class platforms, and at costs that are just a fraction of those.

Among the wide range of options and payload configuration available, SFS selected all weather capability with multi mission setup, granting contemporary payloads operation in the two full size Sentinel hatches.

“We have chosen the P2012 Sentinel because of its versatility and especially its multiple projects profiles capability” said Samy Dadoucha, General Manager of SFS Aviation

УThe P2012 design fits perfectly to the Special Mission market, where operators benefit of the high payload and great mission flexibility, while being supported by the all-weather capabilities and low operating costs offered by the Sentinel series aircraft. We are delighted to have SFS among our valuable Special Mission customers.Ф says Francesco Sferra, Tecnam P2012 Sales & Business Development Manager.