Piper Aircraft Sun Сn Fun Exhibit to Showcase New M700 FURY

Piper Aircraft invites all attendees to stop by and view the all-new, 300-knot capable M700 FURY, along with the latest avionics upgrades for the M350 and the commuter favorite Archer LX at Sun Сn Fun in Lakeland, FL. All three aircraft will be on display painted alike using custom colors and designs created by their paint facility in Vero Beach, Florida, for the launch of the new flagship. Piper will also have the Seminole and Pilot 100i trainer class aircraft on static display at the show.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for us to kick off the year with our new M700 FURY painted in this special edition scheme designed specifically for the launch. For fun, weТve also included matching schemes on our M350 and Archer LX factory demonstrators,” stated Ron Gunnarson, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Customer Support at Piper Aircraft. УWe look forward to seeing attendees come out to view our newest flagship, hear more about the updates we have as a company, and just talk airplanes.Ф

In addition to the Sun ‘n Fun aircraft lineup, Piper is proud to announce the latest system upgrade from Garmin for the M350, the only high-performance, pressurized piston aircraft available today. This latest system update was introduced on the M600 in 2023 and was certified on the new M700 FURY. It includes Garmin PlaneSync™ technology that provides wireless connectivity to your aircraft. This now enables the remote capability for charts and database updates as well as the ability to see key information about your aircraft from your mobile device. This upgraded software system highlights the new 3D SafeTaxi, expanding ground situational awareness with an advanced 3D depiction of the ground environment, including airport markers, buildings, and other position markings. In addition, this new software has enhancements for SVT, weather radar, navigation, flight planning, checklists, weight and balance calculation capabilities and more.

The Piper M700 FURY was certified in March of 2024 and comes standard with the HALO Safety System, featuring Garmin Emergency Autoland. This revolutionary system supports digital technology that safely lands the aircraft at the nearest suitable airport in the event that the pilot is incapacitated. Additionally, the M700 FURY avionics suite includes Autothrottle, Autoland, Emergency Descent Mode, Electronic Stability Protection, Surface Watch, SafeTaxi, and Garmin PlaneSyncЩ, all of which are designed to enhance the safe operation of the aircraft. Beyond the flight deck, the six-seat M700 FURY is powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 700 SHP engine. The aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 301ktas/557 km/hr, a max range of 1852 nm/3,430 km, and a standard useful load of 2320 lbs/ 1,052 kg.