Augsburg Air Service has been named Authorized Service Center for the Cirrus Vision Jet

Augsburg Air Service is now also offering line and base maintenance for the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet. The company, which has already been a sought-after service center for Cirrus piston aircraft from all over Europe for two decades, is thus further expanding its position.

Augsburg Air Service's planned Cirrus SF50 jet service includes not only the usual maintenance measures, but in the near future also engine services like engine checks and other routine inspections directly on wing.

Augsburg also plans to offer replacement services for the CAPS parachute system including the line cutter kits as soon as the aforementioned maintenance cycle for the first Vision Jet generation is due.

"We have been an authorized service center for Cirrus aircraft for more than 20 years," says Markus Pöschel, aircraft inspector and lead manager of Augsburg Air Service's piston aircraft department. "During our many years of cooperation with Cirrus Aircraft we were able to follow the continuous optimization through all aircraft generations and gain valuable experience with the Cirrus CAPS parachute system, which is also integrated in the Vision Jet. Ideal conditions, then, to ensure top-class maintenance in all areas of the new Cirrus Vision Jet as well."

Augsburg Air Service is an authorized service center for Cirrus CAPS parachute overhauls. Centrally located at Augsburg’s airport, the service center services Cirrus aircraft from all over Europe.

The new Cirrus SF50 jet service is initially open to Cirrus jets with N registration and will be available for all EASA-approved registrations in the near future.