Jet Aviation Design Studio Shortlisted in Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022

Jet Aviation has been shortlisted in the Private Jet Concept category of the Design et Al Yacht & Aviation Awards 2022 with a brand-new design. The concept is inspired by a desire to bring a contemporary geometric aesthetic into a luxury and liveable space. It draws on current customer trends and integrates them into a creative, modern design which speaks to the passengers of today and tomorrow.

The modern, open plan layout is an exploration of how a VVIP aircraft cabin can function as a true home in the sky. An interesting dichotomy between art and architecture runs throughout the cabin, as sleek, straight and sharp lines are softened by tactile furnishings which add an element of contemporary elegance and comfort to the striking design. The living space features dining and relaxation areas, as well as an open galley – bringing beautiful form to a previously functional space. Throughout, screens have been integrated in a way that allows them to be visible or hidden inside cabinetry, making use of modern innovative technologies from the residential space to maximize the cabin design.

Grischa Schmidt, Senior Director Design, commented: “We are considering how a guest might move through the space. We explore how environmental considerations such as sound, lighting and layout can affect this, and how to build on what is already accomplished and known to push the boundaries of what is possible in design and material to create the ultimate cabin experience.”

Color and material play a huge part in this experience. A light, modern palette is offset by pops of vibrant blue, which gradually grows in intensity as the guest moves through the space. The a geometric, pixelated aesthetic is repeated as a motif across different zones and materials to bring a consistent and cohesive design language to the entire cabin, with focal motifs that are repeated across different spaces to draw the concept together. At the same time, the design develops and evolves in different rooms, with complementary explorations of shape, tone and materials bringing a new visual element to each room experience.

УThis balance between consistency and variation is important,Ф says Jean-Francois Maugan, Senior Interior Designer. УIt ensures that the cabin feels comfortable, yet still surprising, and coherent while being extremely creative.Ф

The design features a number of statement pieces which allow us to showcase specialist artisan techniques both within and outside of our own organization. Specialist artistic finishes are used across the cabinets, intricate cuttings are required for the stone dining table, and a unique flexible wood is used on the window paneling. Additionally the detailed carpet designs require a variety of techniques, such as loop pile and cut pile, allowing a range of textures to be used, as well as creating patterns through these techniques.

The team also considered how more sustainable elements could be integrated into VVIP cabin design. An experimentation with material and form allows these pieces and practices to permeate the design, such as the table marble marquetry which could potentially make use of stone offcuts; natural fibers used throughout the cabin; Nuo flexible wood which enables an easier way to integrate wood, and the use of water-based paint to bring in contrast but to also reduce the use of wood; and innovative textiles such as a non-textile flooring produced from recycled materials, and largely manufactured with fossil fuel free techniques.

The use of a wood material as a main element is also minimized in the project to allow for more sustainable alternatives. From a design perspective this helps reinforce the modern aesthetic that is seen throughout the concept, and creates more of a focus on other materials and textures, such as the artistic finishes, paints and soft fabrics.

УWe are delighted to see the concept shortlisted for the Awards,Ф continues Schmidt. УThe International Yacht and Aviation awards are an important event for the industry as they allows design teams to showcase their work to an audience and judging panel of their peers. It’s an opportunity to knowledge share and inspire one another to continually push the boundaries of what we believe to be possible to create ever more incredible experiences for our customers.Ф