SEA Prime: 2022 traffic jumps 20% vs 2021

SEA Prime, which, with the Milano Prime brand, is a leading operator of business aviation airports in Italy and Europe has closed 2022 with more than 32.6 thousand business aviation movements, with an increase of 20% vs 2021 and of 33% vs 2019 as compared to the 2022 European growth of +12,3% vs the previous year.

Following the first Jet A1-ENI SAF refuelling at the end of 2021, starting from 2023 Milano Linate Prime has become the first business aviation airport in Italy offering to all its customers and operators ENI Biojet, mixing JetA1 with 20% biofuel produced from waste raw materials, animal fats and used vegetable oil, a major step in the process of decarbonisation.

A growing number of business aviation operators are in fact taking the lead in using renewable jet fuel to reduce their emissions and promote sustainable practices.

SAF is a drop in replacement for traditional fossil-based jet fuel that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by over 90%.

“This new milestone for SEA Prime represents an important step towards our decarbonization targets, together with the other concrete measures implemented which include the utilization of electric ramp equipment and investing in sustainable infrastructures such as the new hangar at Linate Prime” Chiara Dorigotti, Chief Executive Officer at SEA Prime.