Jetex and Skylegs Launch System Integration for Aircraft Operators

Innovation and seamless system integration take global flight operations to the next level. Every detail matters to ensuring a safe and seamless flight. Committed to making flight operations easy and error-free, Jetex and Skylegs announce the integration of their platforms.

Flight operators can now dispatch flights faster and easier as the two systems intertwine. With the global presence of both companies and a wide range of services, operators from across the world can look forward to benefitting from a suite of new features.

Scheduling flights in the Skylegs management platform will only take a few moments, with all relevant flight services automatically managed by Jetex – in three easy steps:

  • A flight is scheduled in Skylegs;
  • All flight services are immediately synchronized and managed by Jetex;
  • The operator receives a “confirmed” status from Jetex.
All processes will now be automatic instead of having two separate systems running simultaneously during the flight planning and execution phases. With the new integration operators will benefit from:
  • Automated processes across multiple systems, which will reduce errors and increase efficiency;
  • Better management of operating costs;
  • Improved customer experience by managing everything in one place;
  • Saving time of the operations and dispatch teams.
It is estimated that more than 35,000 flights will benefit from the new partnership between Jetex and Skylegs each year. This integration is one of the many examples of how the two companies help aircraft operators modernise and automate their operations to make them more efficient.