TAG takes the Global 7500 to the max!

TAG Aviation has highlighted its impressive aircraft management skills and sleek operations yet again by setting some remarkable milestones with recent long-range flights on their Bombardier Global 7500 fleet.

The trips in question were from Hong Kong to Newark and San Jose to Hong Kong, non-stop with flight times of 14:58 and 15:48 respectively, which are the amongst the longest flight endurance range of the Global 7500.

To achieve such a trip, impeccable flight planning was needed along with the skills of a highly trained and experienced crew. It takes teamwork and collaboration by all involved.

"Ensuring optimal efficiency is one of the top priorities for our operations team. To achieve this, we diligently monitor weather conditions to plan the most efficient route, both in time and fuel use. Working with the crew supports the planning process and allows us to tailor make the plan to the aircraft." – Karson Wong, Senior Manager Ground Operations, TAG Aviation Asia.

“As one of the most experienced operators of long-range operations, TAG Aviation ensures that you get the best performance out of your aircraft, all year round. This has again been demonstrated by these flights on our Global 7500 fleet. This validates the calibre of our crew, the precision of our planning and our commitment to serving the needs of our clients” Ray Wilson, Operations Director, TAG Aviation Asia.

Knowing the market and being able to recommend the right aircraft to clients is something TAG do best and has helped form trust and reliability with many clients over the years. With regular TAG missions between Sydney and London, Asia and the Americas the G7500 has proven its ability time and time again.

We are delighted to hear of these incredible achievements which continue to showcase the impressive capabilities of the Global 7500 aircraft. It demonstrates once again why this immaculate business jet is the undisputed leader in our industry. said Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President, Sales, Bombardier. Our award-winning, best-in-class Global 7500 aircraft has redefined private aviation and elevated the overall in-flight experience through its speed, range and its exceptional cabin comfort.

TAG Aviation is a leading aircraft management company for over 50 years and service excellence and safety has always been the company’s leading mission, so the satisfaction of such achievements only reiterates the companys core values.