Paperless Cockpits at SPARFELL with the Implementation of its New Electronic Flight Bag

SPARFELL has gained approval from Austro Control and the Maltese Authority to operate as paperless for its Austrian and Maltese AOCs with its Electronic Flight Bag launch. This milestone builds on the companys sustainability commitments to further reduce its environmental footprint, strengthen its CSR strategy, and increase its overall operational efficiency.

The EFB will replace all printed documents onboard all aircraft, with pilots being equipped with I-Pads holding all relevant documentation. Documents being digitalised include charts, company manuals, and aircraft documentation, which reduces paper weight onboard by about 25kg per aircraft, therefore decreasing fuel-burn.

The change simplifies pre-flight planning and ensures more efficient and flexible in-flight and remote operations. Pilots are able to access multiple documents at the same time, anytime and anywhere, and have quick access to up-to-date information, meaning an increased accuracy in data. In addition, all instant changes and revisions are controlled remotely by the EFB Manager, making it much easier for the crew to be updated continuously.

With the increased focus on sustainability, advances in the business aviation industry, and being an EBAA Ambassador, SPARFELL strives to continuously implement new measures and projects to foster environmental stewardship further. The next step for SPARFELL’s cockpits concerns the digitalisation of the techlog.