Taxing private aviation is not in the plans, says EU Commissioner

EU Commissioner for Transport Vălean clarified that the European Commission has no intention to further tax Business aviation beyond the measures outlined in the EU Energy Taxation Directive and the EU ETS.

This clarification was provided in response to a written question by German MEP Martin Schirdewan from The Left group (Die Linke) regarding the possibilities of an ‘environmental regulation on private aviation’.

The question follows up on a similar one raised by the French, Irish, Dutch, and Austrian delegations of the EU Council during the meeting of EU transport ministers last June.

However, in this context Vălean also underlined that the Commission is working on a possible revision of the Air Services Regulation (yet a final decision on a possible proposal would fall on the next Commission taking office after June elections). EBAA analysis suggests that this could serve as the legal ground for a potential regulatory framework for Business aviation and short-haul flight bans more broadly.

EBAA will monitor the possible revision very closely, as the Air Services Regulation is now a matter requiring particular attention to defend the license to operate of the European Business aviation sector during the next 5-year term of the Commission.