Pre-owned bizjet market sets new records

The pre-owned business aircraft market smashed numerous market records in Q4 2021 for the quarter, and for the calendar year, reports the Asset Insight AI2 Market Report.

With impressive transaction rates and values that, at times, significantly exceeded ask prices, 2021 pre-owned for-sale inventory closed 54% lower than EOY 2020. TheQ4 AI2 Market Reportcovers 134 fixed-wing models and 884 aircraft listed for sale.

All aircraft groups posted record high demand in Q4 2021. Average posted prices for the limited, heavily picked-over, aging fleet, decreased to a record low figure, while younger, low-time aircraft sold quickly through 2021, and especially in the 4th quarter, often transacting without even being advertised for sale, and many times with aggressive bidding wars.

“21 months into the pandemic, business aviation continues to prove its value in the business world, globally,” said Tony Kioussis, president of Asset Insight, LLC. Companies with staying power through the pandemic rely heavily on their business aircraft, with the industry expanding and the market reflecting the critical nature of this important equipment to businesses in all industries.

The quality of the remaining aircraft, and the Maintenance Exposure for those assets, statistically evidences the difficulty aging aircraft sellers are encountering remarketing these older aircraft, and the reason why the listed fleet’s Days on Market increased 11% during Q4 2021. The overall Quality Rating worsened (decreased) in Q4, with the remaining inventory staying within Very Good territory, but also carrying more near-term maintenance events.