GAMA Releases Second Quarter 2023 Aircraft Shipment and Billing Report

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) published the second quarter 2023 General Aviation Aircraft Shipment and Billing Report. The general aviation aircraft manufacturing industry’s results for the first six months of 2023, when compared to the same period in 2022, show increased aircraft deliveries across all segments along with an increase in the overall value of the aircraft shipments.

“The growth of our industry remains strong as manufacturers continue to deliver and take orders for new aircraft. As we look towards the future, it will be imperative that we have stability, accountability and sound direction from regulatory authorities, particularly in the United States. Not only does the FAA need an effective permanent leader during this transformative time for aviation, but the agency is in the process of being reauthorized by Congress. We are encouraged by the bipartisanship we have seen throughout the legislative process and hope that the momentum to finalize an FAA reauthorization bill continues to build so that the agency can enhance its ability to deliver critical activities that promote safety, innovation and efficient promulgation of rules, policy and guidance that preserve global aerospace leadership,” said Pete Bunce, GAMA President and CEO.

Aircraft shipments through the second quarter of 2023, when compared to the same period in 2023, saw piston airplanes increase 11.4% with 713 units, turboprops increase 17.4% with 290 units, and business jets increase 2.4% with 296 units. The value of airplane deliveries through the second quarter of 2023 was $9.2 billion, an increase of 1.4%.

Helicopter shipments increased when compared to the second half of 2022; piston helicopter deliveries increased 28.7% with 112 units, and turbine helicopter deliveries increased 30.4% with 339 units. The value of helicopter deliveries increased 29.9% to $1.9B.

Six Month Aircraft Shipment and Billing

Aircraft Type



% Change

Piston Airplanes








Business Jets




Total Airplanes




Total Airplane Billings




Piston Helicopters




Turbine Helicopters




Total Helicopters




Total Helicopter Billings




GAMA’s complete 2023 second quarter report can be found at